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Understanding the OpenTelemetry Collector

The following is an excerpt of Cloud Native Observability with OpenTelemetry

2021 Reading List

Alright, here we go again with the list of books I read last year.

OpenTelemetry + GitHub Actions: Observability for your builds

Build pipelines. Many people use them. They always start out with so much promise; quick builds help achieve fast feedback loops for developers. Deploying to production can happen automatically with...

Practical OpenTelemetry part 5: Test drive Python, Go, Java with a single command

In part 5 of my Practical OpenTelemetry series, I’ve decided to take a bit of time to make launching the applications from the previous parts easier. This article will go...

Practical OpenTelemetry part 4: Collector

This is part 4 of a series on OpenTelemetry, the previous parts include:

2020 Reading List

Four yeargs ago, I made a conscious effort to read more. It’s something I felt I just never did enough of during most of my adult life after school. I’m...